Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Finding Fun in Minnesota: 7 Events that You Won’t Want to Miss in Minneapolis

Finding Fun in Minnesota: 7 Events that You Won’t Want to Miss in Minneapolis

One the main things that help to define an area and what it is all about is the various events they host each year and Minneapolis is worthy of consideration on a list of places you should visit when you look at all the fun things there are to do and see each year.

Here is look at some of the events that you might want to mark on your calendar if you are planning to come to Minneapolis and spending time in and around Minnesota.

The state fair is the big one

If you are looking for an event that can be classed as a headline act that dominates many locals’ calendars as something they don’t want to miss then the Minnesota State Fair gets that award.

This event is the second largest fair of its kind in the United States and it easily qualifies as the biggest event of the year in Minnesota.

The fair is on between mid-August and early September so check the site for the exact dates and you will have a 12-day window to enjoy all the attractions and live music that has given the Minnesota State Fair such as big and well-deserved reputation.

Get the blues

You will want to get your accommodation sorted out in the area by staying at somewhere like The Hotel Minneapolis, and then you can really start to plan all the events you want to enjoy such as the Bayfront Blues Festival.

Billed as one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the Midwest you can enjoy some amazing blues and rock music from new and established artists, and the show takes place just before the State Fair, so you could take in the two events in one trip if you time it right.

The venue for the festival is the shores of Lake Superior so you are able to enjoy some great views as well as some great music.

Head Uptown for a premier art event

Second in size and stature only to the State Fair, the next best thing going on in terms of events in Minnesota is the Uptown Art Fair.

Here is your opportunity to enjoy a friendly atmosphere with plenty of food and drink options while browsing the works of hundred’s of national and international artists.

Celebrating the city’s history and culture

Next on the list of events is the Minneapolis Aquatennial, which is the official civic celebration organized by the city.

The theme of the Aquatennial is all about acknowledging the role that the various lake, rivers, and streams, have to play in shaping the history and culture of the area.

The fireworks display on the last night of the festival is considered to be the largest in the country, so well worth trying to get there for that spectacular showing.

Jousting and more besides

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is the oldest and largest of its kind in the U.S and events are based around a fictional 16th-century village that is created and used as a backdrop for jousting tournaments and lots of entertainment besides knights on horseback.

Join the gold rush

Another one for your list would be the Orinoco Gold Rush, which is rated as one of the Midwest’s top antique shows.

The tiny town of Orinoco plays host and the 800 or so locals are heavily outnumbered when this event takes place.

Always something going on

Finally, it is well worth mentioning Caponi Art Park if you are coming to the state.

This 60-acre park has events running all through the summer months so there is bound to be some family fun to be had if you want a day out here during your time in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.