Hiring a Car in Auckland: What You Should Know

Hiring a Car in Auckland: What You Should Know

If you are visiting Auckland City, you will need to hire a vehicle. Whilst you can get around town by foot, you also need a car to visit the outlying locations and explore more of the city. To learn how to get around, it is important to familiarise yourself with the Auckland City Centre. The Centre is a key location as it is close to the city’s iconic Sky Tower, the Viaduct Harbour, and the waterfront with its ferries.

Rangitoto Island

Once you arrange a cheap car hire in Auckland, you will be ready to view the city itself. You can choose from an array of cultural or family-friendly attractions from which to visit. One of the places you will want to discover is Rangitoto Island. The island, which lies off central Auckland’s coast, is a volcanic island that is noted for its excellent hiking trails and beautiful, breathtaking views.

The Biggest Pohutukawa Forest in the World

You can take multiple trails when exploring the island, including the oft-travelled Summit Track. If you choose to explore by way of the track, you will go through lava fields before entering a woods. These woods represent the biggest pohutukawa forest in the world. The woodsy enclave is situated on the island’s summit.

Cornwall Park

You will need to park your car safely in the city before making an excursion to the island. That is because you will need to hop a ferry from the downtown terminal. If you want to stay closer to Central Auckland but still explore the great outdoors, you may consider a trip to Cornwall Park. Cornwall Park is said to be very similar to Central Park in New York with a New Zealand spin.

The park is located about eight kilometres southeast of Central Auckland. Therefore, you can take your rental car and easily explore the natural area. Parking is free in the park so you will find it a nice getaway. If you get hungry, you can dine at a bistro or café, either of which are located inside the site.

Mount Eden

You will also want to pay a visit to beautiful Mount Eden, one of Auckland’s top visitor attractions. The grass-covered volcano is dormant and is free for all to view and see. All you need to do is drive about five kilometres south from the city’s centre or about six kilometres northwest of the aforementioned Cornwall Park. Why not plan a visit to Cornwall Park and Mount Eden on the same day?

Other Attractions

Other sites of note include the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, another free attraction, and the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. The caves are located about 193 kilometres south of Auckland City so you will need to make a special trip.