Wednesday 20 February 2019
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How Can You Volunteer In Costa Rica with uVolunteer?

How Can You Volunteer In Costa Rica with uVolunteer?

The Central American island country drags the attention of the global tourists for its mind-blowing natural treasures and the world-famous biodiversity. The Ticos (Costa Rican locals) are the friendliest of all and they’ll welcome you impressively as a volunteer as they do for all the tourists and especially volunteers. They know these foreigners arrive there for helping them in conserving the turtles or helping them in learning English as most of them speak Spanish there. With its amazing history, great scenic beauty, the famous volcano parks, and waterfalls- Costa Rica is the ideal volunteer vacation for you. Above all, you will get the opportunity to live a few weeks or months in the country surrounded by the Pacific, Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, which can make the volunteering in Costa Rica more memorable if you’re a true nature’s child. For your information, Costa Rica is famous globally for its sea fish sports.

uVolunteer have incredible projects for the volunteers looking forward to traveling down to Costa Rica and help out the people and nature by attending any of the given projects mentioned in details at By attending our training programs, volunteers so far have achieved a successful career and above all, they’ve got the opportunity to explore the amazing countries across the three continents and experience the lifestyle, culture, and habitats.

Here are some of the best ways you can volunteer in Costa Rica—

Building and Construction

As a volunteer, we at uVolunteer can help you learn the masonry and a little bit of architect that you can use in building houses for the lower income people in Costa Rica. You must learn how to dig the grounds to build the foundation of the houses, laying the bricks, putting the roofs on top of the construction and fixing the windows and doors. You can also become a pro in painting the interiors and the exteriors too including the doors and windows.

Teaching English

You can get a stack by the ocean and start teaching English to the local kids and the adults too. Majority of the Ticos speak Spanish. By learning English they can communicate with the tourists better as tourism is the main source of income in Costa Rica. Your endeavor as an English teacher can boost the academic career of the children out there.

Animal conservation

Costa Rica boasts on its world-class biodiversity conservation which stands to be number one across the world. You can be a part of this prestigious venture and get involved in conserving the turtles, marine animals and so as the land animals.

Sports education

You can help the kids out there to learn sports. You can coach them for volleyball, basketball, cricket, soccer and anything that you are good in. You can get them trained to perform excellently in the inter-school competitions and other activities.

These are some of the best programs you can attend and move to Costa Rica as a volunteer to help the people out there. You can also help in preserving the nature and animal kingdom in this Central American paradise.