Wednesday 20 February 2019
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The Many Advantages of a Cycling Holiday

The Many Advantages of a Cycling Holiday

Getting on your bike has become a term that is embedded into British culture, and with more and more people taking up cycling as a hobby, it looks likely to continue. Aside from the fitness fanatics who ride 100 miles a day, many families like to take off for the day on an exhilarating bike trail that showcases the wonders of the British countryside, and if you are thinking about next year’s summer holiday, why not consider a cycling holiday?

Online Solutions

Ordinarily, if a family were to plan a cycling holiday, it would require an awful lot of planning and preparation, but with specialist cycling holiday companies who are dedicated to providing a wide range of touring experiences, you really can’t go wrong. They cater for all levels and ages, and if you would like to meet lots of likeminded people who also ride bikes, cycling holidays are where it’s at.

Healthy and Invigorating

There’s nothing like having the wind behind you, as you coast down the country lanes, absorbing the delight of the great outdoors in the process, and there really isn’t a better way to sample the local attractions than on two wheels. If you lead an active lifestyle, why not incorporate that into your next holiday? Organising such an experience has never been easier, with online tour companies that focus on giving their clients the ultimate riding experience.

European Destinations

If you’ve travelled the British Isles already and would like to experience some of the European cultures, there are tours going to almost every destination in mainland Europe. The scenic coastal roads of Spain and Italy make for a popular choice, while some people prefer to tour the mountains of Switzerland and Austria, and with so many tours to choose from, there will be something just right.

Rider Levels

Cycling holidays are graded to ensure that all of the riders are of a similar level, which means you can see the sights at your own pace without having to worry about keeping up. Most tour operators would run 4 or 5 different levels, ranging from slow, flat rides to something a little serious, and the tour organisers would ensure you are not out of your depth.

Guided or Self-Guided Tours

There is a choice, as some people are very adventurous and would rather explore at their own leisure, while others prefer to go on a guided tour with an experienced guide rider who leads the group. If you opt for the self-guided tour, you will be provided with maps and information and must navigate the route by yourself, which isn’t that difficult. This is preferable for those who like to have the flexibility of making their own schedule, and generally, a family would choose a guided tour, and with other children riding, your kids will make lots of new friends.

This type of holiday is fast becoming very popular, and with specialised companies that arrange everything, you can relax and enjoy the experience.