Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Unique Walking Holidays in Europe – The Perfect Way to Experience Nature

Unique Walking Holidays in Europe – The Perfect Way to Experience Nature

If you are no longer excited about that villa in Spain, or the thought of another package holiday, consider a walking holiday in Europe. This offers the family a unique opportunity to see and experience some of the most attractive regions of mainland Europe, and with multiple fitness and experience levels, there is something to suit everyone, from the veteran hiker to the retired couple. You might be an adventurous type who prefers to travel alone, and with a set of maps and some provisions, you can explore to your heart’s content. For those who prefer a more leisurely approach, a guided tour allows you to relax and take in the sheer beauty of some of the nicest regions the continent has to offer.

Online Tour Operators

If you would like to know more about walking holidays, check out, who are the market leaders in organised walking holidays, and with their expertise, you can be sure to find the perfect combination. There are four different fitness levels, and with a choice of guide, or self-guided treks, there is something to suit all. They have a great FAQ section that does give you all the answers, and if you plan on going in the peak season, make sure you book early. Online booking forms make it an easy process, and with the help of the tour organiser, you can prepare the contents of your backpack and get ready for a truly unique experience.

Choice of Countries

As one would expect, most European countries are included in the tour operators list, which includes Greece, Italy and Spain, which are the most popular of destinations. Then there are the amazing mountainous regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland, which offer a glimpse into a unique culture, while Scandinavia is another popular region that has much to offer the hiker.

Find your Own Level

A retired couple, for example, would not want to be grouped up with a bunch of fit, young adults for obvious reasons, and with 4 separate levels, you can select the right level for you. The least strenuous tours involve 3-4 hours of slow walking on level terrain, while the upper level has you doing a 7-8 hour day with some testing ascents, and with something in between, you can be sure that the pace is right for you. For the really adventurous, a self-guided walking holiday offers the uncertainty and challenges that come with heading off into the unknown, armed only with a set of maps and some basic information.

Sample Local Hospitality

As you might expect, the walks often include encounters with local farmers as they go about their daily tasks, and they are very happy to talk about their lifestyle, and you will no doubt experience their hospitality first hand. Meeting the local people is one of the main attractions of such a holiday, and then there are the many other walkers, which means you are bound to meet some likeminded folk and new friendships often develop from a first encounter on a walking holiday.

Why not surprise the family this coming summer by booking a walking holiday in Greece or Italy? It might be the start of a new, active lifestyle, and there isn’t a healthier way to experience a foreign land.